Here are some of the things people have said after their first assessment ride.

What a day, and what a superb ride assessment. Fantastic tips and advice, all extremely well explained. Very supportive and encouraging … Looking forward to signing up to the course..

D.F. May 2021

Very well explained … communication was friendly and relaxed … and informative … observer was very experienced and observant and assisted me with any queries that I had … look forward to joining you.

M.C. May 2021

General communication – Excellent … with clear meeting instructions. After the ride I got a full debrief and had the opportunity to ask questions. Overall a very positive experience in a relaxed but competent manner. Has made me even more keen to start the course.

K.S. May 2021

Communication from the start was great … feedback and learning points … were clear. Already see an improvement in my riding skills … I would like to join the club.

K.K. May 2021

On all fronts it was an excellent, enjoyable experience.

R. C. May 2021

The assessment ride itself was a valuable learning session. The feedback I was given highlighted aspects of my riding that could be improved and also somethings I was doing well. It was very professional … I was really impressed with the members of the Coventry & Warwickshire Advanced Motorcyclist and their obvious passion for motorcycling and passing on their knowledge and skills. I’d recommend the free assessment ride to any motorcyclist.

R.B.F. May 2021

The assessment ride was very good … all instructions were clear and precise. All In All very good indeed.

J.D. May 2021

The pre-assessment was fantastic, my observer was brilliant … I genuinely feel this course will be one of the best things I can do.

E.K. May 2021

Communication – great! … A friendly welcome and information laid out clearly … the observer clearly explained what/how/why things are done and can be done better.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions there were no assessments given between November 2020 and April 2021. 

S.Q. October 2020

I have found the communication to be very good. I completed an online form, a phone call promptly followed. My introduction was positive…and I was welcomed. My observer…was very informative…The assessment ride went well with feedback throughout the ride. Very enjoyable. I would very much like to…join.

M.O. October 2020

I cannot fault any aspect of my experience so far with The Coventry and Warwick Advanced Motorcyclist Group. Communication from the group has been great, the assessment ride and feedback was enjoyable and thought provoking. It can only help improve my riding ability so thank you. I would like to join the group

J.K. September 2020

It was a real pleasure to take part in an assessment. The communication was good from the beginning, when we were arranging a suitable time to meet up. The welcome and explanation of the ride was very clear and concise. The feedback at the end of the ride was thorough. I would absolutely love to join IAM and start my advanced training with you.

D.M. September 2020

First off I wish to congratulate you for your welcoming emails and information on how to participate within the club…I felt welcome from the initial contact with you…The communication process was excellent, my observer was extremely helpful in putting me at ease over a cup of coffee…I would appreciate joining the club to gain further understanding of riding safely.

P.B. September 2020

My observer gave a thorough introduction… was left feeling at ease. We covered a range of road type and speed limits…I found the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable, positive and constructive…I would very much like to undertake the training.

P.K. September 2020

General Communication was very good, clear and concise. Introduction was warm and welcoming. My observer was excellent and the ride was great. I would love to join the group

M.I. September 2020

I found the whole process straight forward, friendly, professional and efficient. My assessor was friendly and put me at ease. The feedback was positive and constructive.

T.G. September 2020

Excellent from the initial contact and on the observed ride… very friendly and plenty of time spent familiarising myself with my observer (who was) Knowledgable & friendly the roads chosen were very good. I would like to continue and take the advanced test.

D.B. September 2020

Everything went well and explained everything clearly…The ride and advice was very good and the report I received all good…I definitely do want to to further my riding skills.

K.T. September 2020

Assessment ride arranged quickly and plenty of flexibility to arrange convenient time…Right amount of commentary- guidance on the ride with plenty of pointers-hints…Nice to have time after ride to talk some theory/strategies.
I’ll join tomorrow

M.T. August 2020

I returned to motorcycling after a 30+ year break … wobbly and not very confident… recommended that I take a look at CWAM… I found my observer to be very knowledgeable and he gave me some very helpful tips and information that has already improved my riding. This was a very good experience and introduction to CWAM. I would very much like to learn more to improve my safety and confidence so that I may enjoy riding once again, so that is a “yes” I would like to join and continue learning.

A.D. August 2020

I had a very nice discussion with my observer at the beginning of the session, clear … I like that everything is explained logically and at my level. The feedback was very productive, the observer very calm and friendly. I have decided to participate.

L.C. July 2020

From the first contact … everybody has been friendly and welcoming… Obviously I was a little nervous at first but was soon put at my ease my observer. I thoroughly enjoyed the assessment ride… Post ride feedback was done in a nice and relaxed way… I feel that I’ve already picked up a couple of tips towards making my rides safer and look forward to taking it further.

H.S. July 2020

Good level of communication, clear and informative … my observer was friendly and inviting on introduction, he made me feel at ease with the process … During the ride he used clear instructions and followed all COVID 19 rules. The assessment report was also very clear and he left good constructive notes. I would like to go ahead with the advance training, I think it will be very beneficial to me and others who I ride with.

C.D. July 2020

I really enjoyed the ride…my observer was very helpful resolving my questions, … and I, now, am trying to apply the concepts … I hope we can meet again soon.

D.B. July 2020

My observer was very friendly and took me through what we were going to be doing and the necessary checks before we set off. He was excellent, communicated clearly exactly what he wanted and where I was going wrong. His debrief was very thorough and covered all the points I need to brush up on… I have this morning joined the IAM.
T.S. July 2020

My observer gave me a really good and comprehensive introduction to IAM and what I could expect to get out of it. He also told me much about CWAM; what the members are like, how active the social side of the club is and the regular ride outs. We had a good ride together. He gave me a rundown of how it went and where he thought I was okay and where needed improvement.
K.M. July 2020

My observer was brilliant. Throughout we stopped every so often for my observer to give feedback on where he thought I was lacking and how to improve. At the end, he gave a good recap, I highlighted some concerns about my riding ability and he assured me that it’s not uncommon to have those concerns and with this course my ability will improve. All in all it was a pleasant experience.

L.L. July 2020

My delightful ride out with my observer yesterday served to reinforce my intention to join you for the IAM advanced course. The introduction was clear and considerate. The ride a pleasure and instructive. The debrief and paperwork straightforward.

I.W. July 2020

Great communication, informative and clear and concise instructions regarding what to expect…Made to feel very welcome. Observer was excellent. Took time throughout the assessment to give constructive feedback, I was expecting two hours and got four! Very patient and made me feel at my ease very quickly. …. convinced me that joining the IAM will be the right choice for me. Can’t wait to start my training

J.C . July 2020

excellent communication … clear instruction and guidance throughout……extremely welcoming and polite throughout the session. His communication the day before was great and the follow up communication was good as well….provided me lots of great information about what I can do to improve my riding skills…Overall I am really impressed.

I.J. March 2020

You were very welcoming … and explained everything clearly. I got on well with my observer and I enjoyed the route that he chose and found his comments fair and honest…I decided on the morning that I would like to join the course.

J.G. March 2020

The general communication before the ride was was very informative … and the other bikers I got talking to were very friendly and welcoming. … my Observer was great,he gave me points to work on and explained everything very clearly to me which in turn give me more confidence in my riding ability .
I have nothing but praise for the club ,you all are very professional … I would like to join.

M.C. February 2020

My allocated observer … I thought to be excellent. His inter personal skills were spot on. He initially ran through the agenda of the day putting me at ease from the off. His after ride debrief and comments were well explained… it was well worth it.

D.G. January 2020

Very efficient and very welcoming. Arrangements were clear and well communicated … very professional … assessment ride was well planned with lots of different road types. 
Overall very impressed …  a very friendly group of bikers with a very responsible attitude to riding and training. I’m looking forward to joining.

A.K. January 2020

I thought the communication … was very good, being provisional… I was made very welcome and the explanation of the club, the pre-assessment ride and what would be the next steps was covered in an understandable manner. During the ride the observer’s instruction were clear, … comments after the ride were again clear with added explanation where required. I have decided I would like to join.

J.M. January 2020

I really enjoyed the ride …. I would like to commit to the training program … all your instructors are similarly friendly and capable.

I.L. November 2019

I really enjoyed it, my observer was amazing he was so sharp on everything …. the things he taught me ….had already made huge improvements to my riding. I’m really looking forward to doing the full course.

P.R. November 2019

My welcome was very pleasant and I was made to feel at home. I found my mentor easy to talk to and he was very good at communicating with me and made me feel very relaxed. I therefore found my pre-assessment ride very enjoyable and informative. I would like to join…

T.M. August 2019

I felt a little bit apprehensive when I turned up but the moment I got off my bike I found the people around me very friendly. The conversation and support was what I needed. The more formal intro …. was very positive, constructive and informative, it really put me at my ease. My observer was knowledgeable and well informed, his advice and support was clear and helpful. His manner was friendly and constructive which made the assessment very enjoyable. His observations and practical tips were easy to put into my riding and I was surprised how much more comfortable my riding became as I took on board his suggestions. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and it has reinforced my desire to join and to progress to advanced riding.

S.G. August 2019

On arrival all other members were informative and welcoming with a good atmosphere really friendly….. the assessment went well with no hiccups and a great ride on a good course. I am very keen to join and expand my experience and enjoy a club environment.

S.O. July 2019
Efficient and fast responses to queries. Informal, welcoming atmosphere, everything was made clear about what would happen and why. Very professional and friendly, non-judgemental and a great balance of both advice and encouragement/support. I felt inspired and very positive after the ride and comfortable throughout.

G.K. May 2019
Very clear and informative and the way it was explained helped to settle any nerves… Introduction and welcome was very relaxed and friendly….The observer was very clear in what he was expecting and the ride was interesting and enjoyable.

C.B. April 2019
Everything was excellent on all counts. I do think as volunteers, it’s to be commended what you are doing. 

M.P. April 2019
Everything explained well. Made to feel more confident. Observer very very kind and understanding. Explained everything well and encouraged. At the end of the ride I went home with a lot of good information.

S.W. April 2019
Very welcoming, even when parking up and before I got into the building. General communication… excellent, I knew what to expect at every part of the process. My observer was clear and concise in his instructions and his assessment later. I picked up some great pointers that made me think about my riding and observations….it was fun and informative …I would like to join the club.

M.G. Jan 2019
The bikers….were a friendly bunch….was put at ease…explained clearly the basics of Advanced Riding without getting too technical. Observer was very calm and patient and offered some great advice. I have now become an associate of the club…I also hope to join in on I group ride soon.

J.H. Jan 2019
Very welcoming….assessment ride was very good…. Have arranged…next…meeting

R.W. Oct 2018
The assessment ride….was quite insightful and I enjoyed it. Overall I felt this was a very welcoming, professional group….felt very at ease …. I would definitely like to join.

J.D. Oct 2018
General communication was excellent…. The introduction and welcome was very friendly ….. The assessment ride was really good …. and the feedback was really informative ….The whole experience was very positive and I would love to join asap.

A.P. Aug 2018
Good welcome… my observer was very clear in his communication. The assessment ride was very good … The route was varied and included roads I was not familiar with, so a good opportunity to ride candidly.

M.F. Aug 2018
All the areas were good. I learned several things and was able to check on others during the course of the ride and assessment. I would like to take the training.

C.G. July 2018
I will join Coventry branch. I was made welcome , I love bikes and talking bikes, I’ve all ready learnt plenty. Top marks from me.

P.W. July 2018
I found everything good to great. No problems and a friendly crowd. Assessment ride was informative , friendly and illuminating…. Based on today’s experience I’m more than happy to join up and start training.

P.S. June 2018
The intro to Advanced Riding was really good and enjoyed the time I was there. Communication and pre-assessment ride was great it exceeded expectations. The introduction and welcome was great too couldn’t ask for anything further … The observer … was very friendly and professional, made you feel very at ease and communication was great.

D.R. June 2018
It was all conducted in a very professional manner…The instructions whilst on the assessment ride were clear & easy to digest… The debrief was relaxed & points observed, together with feedback were beneficial… With the warm welcome & excellent experience, am looking forward to further training & the group ride outs.

C.D. June 2018
Everyone very welcoming and helpful. free refreshments were welcome … The observer was helpful and patient and understanding … I was impressed by the way things were so organised, by the way people were helpful and kind… a wonderful day. Can’t wait for the training to begin,

S.K. June 2018
I really enjoyed the assessment ride on Sunday … gave me some very useful guidance .. I would definitely like to join the club … and join in with the social side of things.

P.B. June 2018
Great. Everyone makes you feel welcome. Soon able to fit it. Relaxed…. Good discussion/chat at end of ride … Looking forward to attaining my Advanced Rider qualification. Even after the assessment ride I feel more confident and more at ease on the road and my bike.

A.C. June 2018
The day was great, thanks. The communication before the ride was good, and the welcome was warm and friendly. The instruction on the ride was excellent, and exceeded what I had expected if I’m honest.

L.P. March 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed the day and felt very well looked after….I was made to feel more than welcome, and instantly part of the group. Didn’t feel intimidated in any way and every one was lovely. I felt it was all very organised and a calm and friendly atmosphere…..was able to pin point exactly where my issues were, and gave me some fantastic advice on ways of practising and correcting bad habits….I am looking forward to my first lesson and some social nights and rides out.

D.P. Feb 2018
Initial communication was good … I was warmly greeted … quite a few came up to me and spoke which made it feel friendly… The assessment ride was good … with clear and constructive feedback … and finally yes I would like to join.