Post-test Training

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Passing the Advanced Test is only the start of the skills programme CWAM has on offer. If you’re a keen biker who wants to enhance and develop your abilities there are several avenues available.

Post-test assessment

CWAM provides assessment and/or further development opportunities by means of ogoingaway cutne-off sessions with a Senior Observer. These can be designed around the member’s particular needs or treated as a refresher.
The sessions are pre-booked and last two to three hours. The format is similar to a standard check ride, starting with a briefing, followed by approximately 40 miles of riding on all classes of road. At the end the attendee will receive a full verbal debrief and a mark sheet detailing their riding standard in specific skill areas. These assessments must be pre-booked through CWAM’s training officer (see form below). A contribution of £10 for fuel plus refreshments is the norm.

IAM Advanced Riding Certificate F1RST

This higher level of pass is awarded to candidates who achieve a score of 1 (the highestpair at junction cut 314x235 score) in 25 out of the 27 skill categories on the Advanced Riding Test. Members who have already achieved a pass in the Advanced Riding Certificate can attempt to upgrade to a F1RST by retaking the Advanced Test. (Scores of 1 for ‘legality’ & ‘slow riding’ are mandatory). Our observer team will prepare you with pre-test assessment rides although achieving this higher standard is never guaranteed.

IAM RoadSmart Fellow membership

The Fellow membership tier is a commitment to keep member’s advanced skills up toHow to pickup bike 314x203 date by retesting every three years. This timeframe has been shown to be the optimum to refresh and renew roadcraft skills. Fellow membership costs £49 per year and includes the cost of your retest. See IAM RoadSmart website for full details.  To ensure you are test-ready talk to our Training Officer and take advantage of our post test assessment programme – see above.

Slow Riding Training Days

These half-day events are held at least twice per year and are open to all associates andslowriding cutandcompressed members. The sessions are designed to benefit to everyone regardless of skill level. You can learn the art of slow riding from scratch in a relaxed atmosphere or practice and sharpen existing skills. Often included are techniques for manhandling or picking up a dropped bike. Our observers are always available to provide mentoring, guidance and instruction as required or requested.

IAM RoadSmart Masters

The Masters programme is open to all current members. IAM RoadSmart provides one-to-one mentoring that will help you to attain the highest civilian riding qualification in the country. Full details of the Masters programme are on the IAM RoadSmart website. Although mentoring for the Masters is performed by staff from IAM RoadSmart, one of our National Observers will give advice and offer an on-road ‘taster’ session before you finally commit to the programme. If you are interested please contact Ian Collard.

Group riding skills

posttestslowridingqueue 250x214If you intend joining us on any of our fabulous CWAM rideouts, attendance at one of our Group Riding Sessions is highly recommended. Group riding is a very different animal to solo biking and these sessions are specifically designed on-road workshops that will increase member’s awareness and confidence in a group situation.
CWAM’s guidelines for riders in groups are at Rideout Guidance for Attendees and it is important you are familiar with them before joining a rideout.

Police Instructor Assessment

This is an half day on-road session led by CWAM’s resident police instructor. Designed toposttestwith jim 249x168 be a relaxed and enjoyable they are a good way identify your strengths and weaknesses through self analysis and cross analysis. It must be emphasised that these sessions are not a challenge to see who can go faster and leave the others behind. Each session ends with a debrief and attendees receive a written report plus an overall score which provides a target for members to better at subsequent sessions. A £15.00 contribution is required from each attendee towards the course running costs.

posttestFirstAid 246x151Occasional training sessions

Throughout the year members have the opportunity to join other courses to enhance their skills. First on Scene and First Aid sessions are usually held in conjunction with the Fire Service.

Become a Qualified Observer

The CWAM training team has developed an excellent observer training course and ifobservers cut you’re the right type of person, CWAM mentors will guide you through the various written and practical stages to becoming an IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) qualified observer. By taking up the challenge, not only will you learn how to pass on your knowledge and improve your roadcraft, you will have the immense satisfaction of knowing that you played a significant role when associates you have helped, pass their test.

IAM RoadSmart Rider Skills Day

These training sessions, run by IAM RoadSmart, are national events for members and associates. They are conducted at local race circuits but Gsx-r Motorcycle Side View Suzukiare not track days in the recognised sense. They  provide expert tuition in rider skills and motorcycle control in the safe environment of a race track (good road surface and no oncoming traffic, street furniture or junctions). There is one instructor per four attendees. These days are excellent for improving one’s on-road confidence and learning how your motorcycle behaves at speed. Bookings must be done through IAMRoadSmart. See their website for latest details.

Further information
Further details on each of the rider development courses above can be obtained from the CWAM training officer.