Ian Collard


I started my biking career in the late Ď70ís on an FS1E, which no matter how much you cut down the baffle would only ever do 45!!. Because it was allowed in those days, I soon progressed to a KH250 which was ridden everywhere flat out, I donít know how it or I survived!! But the smoke of a 2 stroke still conjures up fond memories. A number of other bikes followed, arriving at the CB750KZ, which is still one of my favourites. Sal and I did miles on that bike and it was heart breaking to let it go, but married life and work commitments meant it had to and I was without a bike for about the next 12 years. 
Coming back to bikes, I decided I needed some help, and that is where my IAM career started. Like a lot of people I joined when at the NEC show and was directed to CWAM. I passed my test in December 2001 and went on to become an Observer in June 2002. I have always enjoyed Observing and became a Senior Observer in 2004, later a National Observer and Local Observer Assessor. Also during 2004 I was co-opted onto the committee as Membership Secretary then Group Secretary later becoming Training Officer and most recently Chairman.

I've loved bikes for as long as I can remember and enjoy getting out whenever I can. It can be a couple of hours or a European trip, if it's on the bike it means FUN!!
Click here to email me or give me a call on 07810 852656.