Trevor Smith


After many years off bikes, I have loved my biking comeback! Recognising my skills needed an update, the IAM was up to the job! Now riding a VFR 800, I like the classic look which combines with advanced technology to create an involving bike. I enjoy group riding with CWAM and look forward to a continental tour when time allows.

Next bike? The latest Triumph Tiger 1050 looks very tasty.

Trevor is the Associate's Representative

"There are a lot of you out there and I would really like to hear your views on what you think works well in CWAM and what does not. And that covers a lot of ground because we are a large, active and conscientious group. So.......what floats your boat?........what sticks in your throat?..........what might CWAM do that it doesn't do now. I would welcome your thoughts to pass on the the committee."  You may e mail Trevor by clicking here.