Tarnya Brink


Much to my parents horror a family friend arrived at our house with a 50cc Yamaha for me when I was 16.  My first experience of riding was getting on the bike over revving it and falling straight off the back.  That didnít put me off at all and I spent a great time riding for a year.  Roll on 30+ years and after both the boys started riding and then Colin decided to start riding, I wasnít going to be left at home, so I got a lovely Yamaha YBR custom 125 which I tootled around on for about 10 months before deciding that I wanted a bit more power resulting in my current Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 Ė just right for my short legs!    As a biking family, safety always comes first and CWAM have certainly elevated my riding ability.  I hope to bring both a woman rider and the youth perspective to the committee.