Ryan Howat


I first got on two wheels when I was just 16 years old.  I started off with Scooters and then had a stint with on-road Trials bikes.  I passed my bike test before my car but unfortunately I was married when I was 18 so had to sell my toys to help towards buying a first home!

So after a 19 year gap, I had a bit of a midlife crisis and bought my wife's uncles Kawaskai GPZ 500S.  But after 19 years of not riding it was almost a permanent crisis!  I ventured out with some advanced police motorcyclists who kindly put me at the front of the group.  My confidence grew as did my speed but my experience did not and I came off on a right-hand bend at Treddington on the A429 next to the Subaru Garage.  I came off at speed, fortunately I landed on grass but even a soft surface can be very painful and my only saving grace was I stopped just short of a 20 foot embankment, otherwise I would have ended up in the river.

Well I could have quite easily given up motorcycling after that, the psychological impact on me was massive.  I lost all my confidence on corners and spent the next three years braking on bends, straight lining and frightening myself each and every time the road deviated from straight!  However with the support of CWAM I persevered and eventually passed my advanced motorcycle test in 2010. I then applied to become and advanced motorcycle observer and after a very intensive training program I qualified in December 2011. I am also very proud of my two advanced motorcycling awards, Terry White Memorial Trophy (2011) for trainees and the Jim Samspon Police Instructors 'Most Improved Rider' Award (2012)

So it just goes to show no matter what your level of riding ability is, the group can help you overcome your fears and improve your riding to an advanced standard.  It is a great club with some great people who give up their time to help you.