Roger Barratt


I started riding as an 18 year old and enjoyed my new found freedom and the fresh air, especially riding through the Yorkshire Winter in the days when the Peter Storm cagoule was the height of sophistication and my best defence against the wind and snow!  I then met my wife-to-be fairly early on and it soon became apparent that our courtship would only blossom if we were surrounded by four wheels and a roof so the bike was soon replaced by a sensible saloon.   

Fast forward 20+ years and after promising myself that one day I would get another bike I finally decided to bite the bullet and Knotts of Stratford were more than happy to relieve me of my savings.   

After being let loose on the open road again I soon began to feel that I would benefit from some proper training and having done the IAM car test several years ago I found myself drawn into the welcoming arms of CWAM.  I passed my IAM test and then decided to “put something back” and subsequently completed both the Local and National Observer training courses.  The courses were challenging but great fun and really took my riding to another level.  Since qualifying I have taken on many associates and have met some really interesting people  

I am conscious that the club is run on an entirely voluntary basis and that a lot of people give up their time and energy to further CWAM’s aims of improving rider skills so I decided to offer some help myself by joining the Committee.  I was elected Chairman in early 2015 and I am very proud to represent the club.   

If you have any comments or views on the club that you would like to share then please feel free to email me on or call me on 07785 595395 at any time.