Nick Lilley


I was into my forties when I came to biking, not a symptom of the male menopause but being one of life's good guys and having only one car at the time, I thought my wife's need was greater than mine. Until I passed my test, I commuted to Oxford on a little red Yamaha RXS100 then moved up to a nippy, belt-driven Kawasaki GPZ305. Then we splashed out on two cars but after a gap of a dozen years, I returned to biking with a CBF600 in 2005. My expectation was that the Honda would do me until I could no longer get my leg over the saddle but the example set by some of our older yet youthful members made me realise that I probably had many more biking years ahead of me than I'd originally anticipated. The upshot was that I was tempted by a gleaming blue Suzuki GSX1250FA followed by a red Yamaha Tracer 900. 

My choice of bikes probably tells you quite a lot about my biking style, let's face it, I'm never voluntarily going to have my knee within a yard of the tarmac. On the other hand I regularly complete the National Rally so I'm not  a total novice which is solely due to the time and energy CWAM have spent in trying to make me into a competent motorcyclist. 

I started the website in 2007 and have been looking after it ever since. It suits me admirably because it doesn't involve getting up early on cold, wet Sunday mornings yet allows me the illusion that I am doing my bit for CWAM.  In 2017 I joined the committee and in 2018 I took over the role of Group Secretary. If you have any comments or ideas about the website or articles to share please send them to