Mark Lunt


I got my first motorbike when I was 19 - as you can see from the photo, that's rather a long time ago - and have been lucky enough to have one ever since. When it has been off the road for mechanical this, that or the other, 

​the first traffic jam I get into with the car I think "Got to get the bike back on the road!".

At the time of writing, my current bike is a Yamaha Super Tenere which is coming up 2 years old.  On my usual rate, this means she should have about 12 years to go before it is time for a change:  I tend to be a bit of a keeper with my bikes!  Having said that, I may have to get a bit quicker with the turnaround, as I am now doing more miles/year than in the past:  Some years ago I took voluntary early release from my mainstream employment and for the last 4 years I have been an instructor with a local bike school and, since last year, a local observer with CWAM.​  If this bike does the usual 14 years she's heading for 140k miles on the clock!  Happy days.  To borrow and adapt a saying from one of my other hobbies, sailing, "time spent on the bike doesn't count towards your total allocation of time on earth."