Keith Daffern


I came back into biking in 2004 after a break of 40 years, havenít bikes changed. I joined CWAM in  June 05, passed my IAM test in Sept 06 and went on to become a qualified observer in 2008.  

I presently ride a Fazer 1000 and being a retired old git I get out quite a lot, all year round. Last year I did 15000 miles and this year should hopefully be the same. Up the Alps again in September thatís if Simon can stand my snoring.

I enjoy the social side of riding and particularly the short Wednesday evening runs, this year I will be leading two (Iím still thinking of the routes). I also like some of the long runs and am down to lead one of those this year for the first time.(bought a sat nav for this, hopefully wonít get lost). Looking forward to a good summer with plenty of good rides.

You can contact me any time on 02476621754 or