Rob Dargie


From thrashing an old C90 round the local woods to frightening the life out of myself on a friends old coffin tank RD250 (aptly named ) after the tender age of 16 my early shaky biking days gave way to job, money, women and cars.
Rejuvenated by kids growing up and the family being more interested in horses than anything else I ambled back into biking at the tender age of 40 ish in the year 2000 with direct access followed by a 1200 Bandit, closely followed by a stream of litre sports bikes which initiated a good deal of anal sphincter regularly amazing myself that I was still alive.
Common sense prevailed in my 50s as I discovered Bormann and McEwan and BMW GSs, things slowed down and a good friend introduced me to CWAM hey I thought this could save my life !!So I took my advanced test in 2011 and the rest is history, I enjoy being part of CWAM and being taught the system allows me to ride a bike safely, I never stop learning but the most important thing of all is: