Andy Spencer

My father was an Army dispatch rider who after national service rode motorcycle trials, so I guess it was inevitable that I would ride motorcycles. It all started nearly 50 years ago (blimey it makes you feel old when you start to try and remember things) riding his transport to work around the garden at home, a good old NSU Quickly. I quickly moved on to a Greeves/Villiers and Schoolboy Moto-Cross or scrambling as it was then and the odd trial.
Once old enough to ride on the road I progressed through a number of bikes until I started to work for a Yamaha dealer in Coventry where I got to ride all manner of different bikes and started to compete in Enduros. Iíve always had bikes since and have ridden on the road but mainly have stuck with Enduros, Trail riding, Long Distance Trials and anything else Off Road.

Now, as a motorcycle dealer ( riding more and more miles with customers/friends on the tarmac and with the idea that I wanted to do some touring, I joined CWAM in June 2009 hoping to improve my safety and enjoyment on the road and with their help passed my advanced test in the October.
I went on to complete the CWAM Observer Training course, was convinced that I needed to join the committee and looked after the clubs social rides for a few years. Then as a National Observer and a member of the Training Team for a few years have now been asked to take over from Ian Collard as Training Officer. I am looking forward to the challenge for 2018 and beyond. 

If you wish to discuss anything Training, CWAM or bike related, please feel free to contact me on 01926 855541 or email to