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Feb 201

Initial communication was good ... I was warmly greeted ... quite a few came up to me and spoke which made it feel friendly... The assessment ride was good ... with clear and constructive feedback ... and finally yes I would like to join.

June 2017

Thanks for a great morning on Sunday. I really enjoyed my ride out ... and can't wait to embark on the advanced course. I thought the event was very well organised and professional.

April 2017

I liked the informality of the venue ... I enjoyed meeting and riding with my Observer ... I am very pleased I joined CWAM ... I know the high standards of this group will make me a more confident and safe rider.

April 2017

The general communication prior to the assessment was very informative and prompt. I found the greeting on the morning friendly and any questions that I had were answered in depth. The observer was excellent and the ride out extremley enjoyable 10 out of 10.

April 2017

I was made to feel welcome. I am very much looking forward to making new friends who are also passionate about motorbikes and learning to keep myself safe. 

March 2017  

Good to meet you this morning ... I had a very enjoyable ride, it was nice to get out on some new roads, even if I was more nervous than I'd expected to be ... keen to join 

Jan 2017  

I undertook the free assessment ride ... comments both encouraging and constructive... very keen to join. 

Dec 2016

Communication was excellent. Introduction on the morning was fine and everyone was friendly .... pre assessment was very informative ... made me feel very much at ease.  I wish to sign up for the IAM course.

Nov 2016

I was very impressed with the welcome and am certainly planning to become involved and to do the advanced test. The ride out was very helpful and the observer very encouraging.

Oct 2016

The welcome I got from members was very warm and inclusive. Everything I needed to know was explained to me. .. very friendly and informative ... put me at ease right away.

Oct 2016

Everyone I met .... was friendly and welcoming. I was paired up with ... he was also friendly, fun and explained how the ride would work clearly enough. He was good giving feedback about my riding without coming over as being humiliating or patronising. He explained improvements by description, on paper and by demonstrating it which helped a lot.

Sept 2016

I’ve come on so far over the period leading up to the test, it’s been a privilege to have such a great Observer. Very pleased to have passed.

A. C.
 Sept 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your communications were great...everyone was friendly ... the end review was really useful and showed where I need to improve. I will be joining the club.

July 2016

On arrival to the club site I was straight away greeted by fellow riders ... My assessment ride was the big eye opener I was hoping for, I learned so much extra that will definitely make me a better rider and would love to join the club and continue training.

July 2016


July 2016

The ‘Skills Day’ was great! I really enjoyed it... All in all it was a very useful and enjoyable experience.

July 2016

Everyone I have spoken to has been so lovely and supportive - it can be quite daunting as a young (ish), female, new biker ... and the free assessment day was brilliant...my observer is brilliant... he gives reassurance, clear concise guidance and good 'actual' direction.... is very knowledgable and passionate about riding and road safety...look forward to seeing you all again.

July 2016

We were made to feel very welcome. The team came across as friendly and approachable. a really great introduction to IAM ... Wasn’t sure what to expect – was hoping it wouldn’t be stuffy and old fashioned – it really isn’t. We were inspired enough to join on the day and we haven’t regretted the decision.

July 2016

Communication - Excellent.  Introduction - Excellent.  Observer - Excellent

July 2016

Very friendly and very knowledgeable. Very thorough assessment with a comprehensive and fair debrief. All very organised and professional. Put me at ease and made me feel welcome.

July 2016

 A friendly welcome ... very informative.

June 2016

I was very impressed with the whole experience ....I would without doubt advise any fellow bikers to take this opportunity.

May 2016

Very good balance between informal and friendly. My observer was very easy to get on with and came across as being genuinely motivated to help me be a better rider, without ever being condescending. His feedback/critique was honest, balanced and well delivered.

May 2016

 I felt welcomed by several persons and was well looked after. People made an effort which was appreciated. My observer was good. He wasn’t too pushy ... or over critical about my style of riding. 

April 2016

I enjoyed the meet up and ride out. I was immediately made to feel welcome and felt very comfortable with the folks. A good ride and some interesting comments ... I would like to go ahead .. with the IAM Skills for Life.

March 2016

The general communication was very good and clear so I knew what I was doing. I was a bit nervous and everyone was really welcoming and friendly ... my observer was fantastic ... and told me everything I needed to know before we went out ... I gained a good few tips and knowledge ... left for home feeling very happy with my day and a lot more confident within my abilities ... I will definitely be joining.

March 2016

From the minute I switched my engine off I was welcomed ... I felt very at home ... my observer was very good and I got some very good feed back about my riding ... very much enjoyed myself today thank you.

March 2016

The communication...was very good...The Observer was very organised and came across very well,...he was constructive and I enjoyed his feedback. I am usually a fair weather biker... but all in all, a good day. I have joined the IAM.

Feb 2016

Overall I have been impressed with CWAM...The communication was excellent and I felt that I was prepared and informed of what to expect...My observer was very accommodating, patient and talked with gravitas. The ride was a good length and was interjected with plenty of discussions. I have already recommended the club to others and I will continue to be an advocate.

Feb 2016

My overall experience of the club is very positive, everyone who I have meet so far has been very friendly...my Observer who was friendly, communicated the general format of an observed ride well and put me at ease... l am looking forward to learning and putting into practice all the new skills l will be learning over the next coming months.

Feb 2016

From my very first contact with you I've been really impressed with the overall communication. Meeting you today was a real pleasure and the observer was a great person to be with, very polite, knowledgeable and friendly. I can't fault anything - I really felt that I got something constructive out of the assessment ride and have signed up today. I really look forward to coming along to as many events as possible.....

Feb 2016

Everyone was friendly and welcoming. The check ride and instruction was great ... and I learned loads. So all in all a great day

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