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How to join and what it costs

Whether you are new to biking, have years of experience or are a born again biker, you can be sure of a warm welcome at CWAM. If you arenít free on Sunday mornings when we carry out most of our mentoring, we can usually fit in with your requirements.

Free Assessment Ride

Your initial riding assessment with one of our qualified observers is free. It is not a test and you are not under any pressure but it gives you a taste of what we do and how we do it. At the end of the ride there is an informal debrief and the observer highlights areas of your riding that are good and offers advice to help you improve where necessary.

For more details and to book your free assessment please contact the Membership Secretary (07765 663514)

Next steps

Once you have decided to join us, the tuition process is similar to that of the free assessment ride with the emphasis on enjoying the learning experience. You will learn to develop a riding plan; so that you are always in the right place, at the right speed, at the right time whilst making good progress. At the end of the session you will be given a written record of your successes and areas that require further attention enabling you to gauge your progress.

What does it cost


The cost of an "Advanced Rider Course" is £149. It includes all your mentoring sessions, the advanced test fee and one years associate membership of CWAM with access to all group events. The only additional cost is a contribution to your observerís fuel expenses. (If you are already an Advanced Driver you will enjoy a discounted price of £114.)

You can purchase the course via the IAM RoadSmart website, phone the Customer Care Team on 0300 303 1134 or through our Membership Secretary.

Costs after the first year

After the first year annual Membership of IAM RoadSmart costs £36.50 per annum (discounted to £32.50 if you pay by direct debit) plus £29 for CWAM associate membership. When you have passed your test, your CWAM membership is reduced to only £15 a year.

Friend's Membership

CWAM also offers a £5 'Friend's Membership' for non-riders who want to join in the social side of the group. Please contact the Membership Secretary for more details. 

The Advanced Test 

Once you are thought to have reached the required standard it will be time to accept the challenge of the Test. The Advanced Motorcycling Test is not easy but it is within the reach of most motorcyclists given the right guidance. It gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your skills by giving a brisk, smooth ride whilst reacting intelligently to hazards. Best of all, passing the test gives you a great sense of achievement. 

CWAM - run by bikers, for bikers. 

Coventry & Warwickshire Advanced Motorcyclists are an Official Provider of IAM RoadSmart Courses

CWAM Registered under the Charities Act, no 1056844.  Affiliated to the IAM RoadSmart (Registered charity No 249002)