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Advanced Riding

Free Assessment Ride

Your initial riding assessment is free.It enables you to experience first hand what Advanced Riding is all about before making any commitment to join CWAM. Basically, you ride your motorcycle for about an hour whilst being followed by one of CWAM's qualified Observers. The emphasis is on enjoying the learning experience; it is not a test and you are not under any pressure. The Observer will note what you are doing and what you are not doing.
At the end of the ride, usually over a cup of coffee, there is an informal debrief and the Observer highlights areas of your riding that are good and offers advice to help you improve any deficiencies. Finally you will be given an action plan to help you improve your riding and an opportunity to join CWAM.  Please contact the Membership Secretary for more details and to book your free assessment.

Improving your skills 

Once you have decided to join us, the tuition process is similar to that of the free assessment in that you and an observer ride out together, finishing with an evaluation of your ride. At the end of the session you will be given a written record of your successes and areas that require further attention enabling you to gauge your progress. You will be encouraged to ride using the police System of Motorcycle Control (Information, Position, Speed, Gear and Acceleration). The System assists the rider to develop his/her riding plan; setting up future actions as early as possible so that he/she is always in the right place, at the right speed, at the right time whilst making good progress. 

CWAM will fit in with your needs wherever and whenever possible after all, if you succeed, then we succeed.  If you are unable to attend the usual Sunday check rides, CWAM will offer you alternative times to suit your schedule. The period from first joining the group to actually passing the test varies, depending on how often you are able to take advantage of observed rides and of course, your own abilities. However, the more you practice the sooner you will reach test standard. 

The Advanced Test 
Once you are thought to have reached the required standard by one of CWAM's senior observers, it will be time accept the challenge of the Test. The Advanced Motorcycling Test is not easy but it is within the reach of most motorcyclists given the right guidance. It gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your skills by giving a brisk, smooth ride whilst reacting intelligently to hazards. Most of all, passing the test gives you a great sense of achievement. 

CWAM - run by bikers, for bikers. 

Coventry & Warwickshire Advanced Motorcyclists are an Official Provider of IAM RoadSmart Courses

CWAM Registered under the Charities Act, no 1056844.  Affiliated to the IAM RoadSmart (Registered charity No 249002)